What are we all about?

about the event

London Throwdown is a three day competition event in London. We pride ourselves in having a wide range of styles, as well as levels for all abilities. Due to COVID-19 we have moved all of our competitions online! We still have some traditional competitions like Strictly Lindy Hop, Solo Vernacular Jazz and Solo Blues as well as fun crazy competitions such as Ghost Dancing Mix & Match and Household Jazz!


We strongly believe that swing and events should be accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation. For this reason, we have made our prices as low as possible, in addition to offering financial support for competition entry and workshop participation (please get in touch!). We have also provided a range of pre-recorded and LIVE competitions, so that no matter what equipment you have, you should be able to join the fun. 

Community and support

Despite being a competition event, we value community and support among dancers and competitors. Competing at London Throwdown is a great reason to get practicing with your friends, as well as a way to bond with dancers from scenes all over the UK and farther. We want this to be an event that will bring the community together as well as supporting artists who have been struggling financially due to COVID-19.


We are aware that one of the prominent issues in the swing community is visibility of diverse dancers in competitions,  which often happens because white/cisgendered/heterosexual/able-bodied judges are given the power to choose who gets seen, meaning that people just like them will likely be given visibility, thus creating a never ending loop of lack of representation. 

As organizers of a competition event, we have and want to “do our bit”. We are therefore bringing in a diverse set of judges, allowing a wider variety of perspectives on the panel. We hope this will contribute to the process of undoing the bias that has long affected swing dance competitions and guarantee that a wide range of dance expressions will be valued at London Throwdown 2020.

Join us!! It will be epic.
Jeff, Polina and Vivien