The Rules

The All Important RULES!

  1. You must have entry to the parties in order to be able to compete. This means that you will need to purchase either a Ballroom pass or a Party pass for the night the comp you are entering to be able to compete.
  2. To enter the Up and Comers Strictly you must have started dancing swing from 1st August 2018 or 12 months in total.
  3. You can enter the Rising Star Showcase if you have never placed in a competition of any kind before.
  4. If you are entering a solo routine in the Showcase but you have placed in a Lindy Hop competition you will need to enter the All Star Showcase and vise versa.
  5. You can choose Rising Star if you have never placed in a partnered Lindy Hop competition before, including Strictly, Mix and Match or a partnered couple or team Showcase. You can enter this division if you placed in Up & Comers in 2018.
  6. You have to choose the All Star division if you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Rising Star Strictly or Mix and Match the previous year.
  7. If you’ve placed in any Strictly, Mix and Match Lindy Hop or partnered couple or team Showcase competition you need to compete in All Star (or invitational as appropriate)
  8. If you’ve placed in any Solo or Solo Showcase competition you can compete in whichever level partnered division you prefer if none of the above rules apply to you
  9. If you are a teacher of Lindy Hop or are a Troupe member who has never placed in any competition as per the above rules as an individual or as a team member you can compete in whichever level partnered lindy hop division you prefer.
  10. You are invited into invitational if you are a judge, invited by the organisers, if you placed in All Star Strictly or Mix and Match previous year or Fast and Furious 1st place.
  11. If you don’t place in invitational this year you can compete in all star following year, unless you’re invited again.
  12. Invitational contestants will judge each other.
  13. Judges can compete in any invitational competitions as well as in the following competitions: All Star 60s Showcase, Heel Slide, Trio Challenge. They can also compete in Shag, Blues, Balboa depending on their background and specialism
  14. The criteria for ‘placing in a competition’ includes any regional, international or semi-informal lindy hop competition.