The organisers

your organisers and some weird facts about them


Fave LTD comp? Ghost Dancing
Really bad at? Saying no to cake
HMU if you need… Your DVD collection alphabetised


Fave LTD comp? Tea dance
Really bad at? Acting cool when I see a doggo
HMU if you need… Green tea and hugs


Fave LTD comp? Household Jazz
Really bad at? Not walking into doors
HMU if you need… Food

We would like to say a massive thank you to the former organisers of London Throwdown, the amazing Pippa and Michaela. They decided to hand over their baby to us and we couldn’t be happier to be working on such a great event. It’s only thanks to them that London Throwdown has such a high reputation, and we hope we can keep up what you’ve already created with so much passion and energy.

Thank you!
Jeff, Polina and Vivien