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London throwdown 2020 list of competitions

Below is the list of fabulous competitions we have come up with for the 2020 edition!

We offer a variety of formats, making it accessible to participate in the event whether you don’t have a lot of room to dance, don’t have the technology, or the space to record yourself.
Some competitions will be live and some will be fully based on recorded videos. Check out the brief descriptions below for more details.

Full rules and guidelines available HERE


Strictly lindy hop

For the people that live together or that are allowed to meet up.

Live prelims and finals.

Ghost dancing M&M

Sign up by yourself as leader or follower. You will be matched with someone on zoom and you will attempt dancing Lindy Hop through a screen.

Live prelims and live finals.


solo vernacular jazz-
3 levels available!

Your regular Solo Vernacular Jazz competition. New level for people who started Solo Jazz in lockdown, as well as rising star and all stars categories.

Video prelims and live finals.

Big apple contest

Just like in real life, the MC will be shouting moves at you, only this time through a screen.

Live competition, no prelims.

Solo blues

Solo Blues competition.
Open level.

Live competition, no prelims.

TEA dancing

To honour the establishment that is tea in the UK we wanted to dedicate a competition to it. Fill your cup with water and start dancing, last person standing with the most liquid left in their cup wins!

Live competition, no prelims.


60 second showcase-
2 levels available!

Just like the live edition: choose a song, cut it up, and do what you want! Record your showcase and send it for screening.

Prelims through recorded video, finals can be performed live OR just a screening of the video.


Inspired by a popular competition event in France. Do your best at replicating a vintage video of your choice, record yourself, and send us the original alongside your version.

Video prelims and video finals.

NOTE! Please be careful in your choice of video: all clips showing problematic or offensive content will be disqualified. To avoid being disqualified we encourage you email us the clip you intend to replicate before you start practicing it, so we can review it and confirm.

Household jazz routine

To honour creativity in confinement we thought we should challenge you with what you have at home. Create a routine and be as creative as possible, we don’t care if you aren’t the most “skilled” or “technical”, we just want to see you have fun and use what you have.

Video prelims and video finals.


Fancy swivel variation

Practicing Lindy Hop by ourselves means that we have so much footwork no one can see… This is your chance to show off your work! Practice your swivels and spice them up. Record yourself and send it to us.

Video prelims and live finals.

Turny SPinny comp

Have you been practicing spinning in your room? Now it’s your chance to shine! Who can do the most spins in one push?

Live competition no prelims.