Winners 2018


Up & Comers STRICTLY – Watch HERE

1st. Paul O’Rourke & Dorothea Baltruks
2nd. Lily Robert & Matt Christie
3rd. Cherry Jackson & Asher Neumann

Strictly BalboaWatch HERE

1st. Robyn Larson & Louis Carruthers
2nd. John Rixon & Lizzy Green
3rd. Gregory Craven & Nicole Milligan

Strictly BluesWatch HERE

1st. Stephen Atemie & Shivani Govender
2nd. Sandy McNicol & Micha Fowler
3rd. Ryan O’Shaughnessy & Katie Stotter

Blues M&M – Watch HERE

1st. Sandy McNicol & Katie Stotter
2nd. Angieszka Burza & Susie Pembroke-Wilson
3rd. Ryan O’Shaughnessy & Shivani Govender

Big AppleWatch HERE

Caterina Gentili

Day at the RacesWatch HERE

1st. Gregory Craven & Nicole Milligan
2nd. Michael  Jagger & Susie Pembroke-Wilson
3rd. Andy Gyford & Ochryn Oshwal


Rising Star Strictly LindyWatch HERE

1st. Chawin Tree & Tabitha Spear
2nd. Daniel Dioguardi & Emi Hazlett
3rd. Pablo Gonzalez & Sara Bang

All Star Strictly LindyWatch HERE

1st. Louis Carruthers & Lizzy Green
2nd. Nicholas Grant & Susie Pembroke-Wilson
3rd. George Jackson & Rosemary Mansfield

Invitational Strictly LindyWatch HERE

1st. Serena Rizzo & Kibble White
2nd. Stephen Atemie & Kathleen Murphy
3rd. Ben Cook & Katie Cobalt

Solo JazzWatch HERE

1st. Colbert Newsome
2nd. Caterina Gentili
3rd. Grace Sansom

Rising Star 60 Second ShowcaseWatch HERE

1st. The Swing Potatoes & the Chicky Peas
2nd. Brixton Crew
3rd. Daniel Dioguardi & Emi Hazlett

All Star 60 Second ShowcaseWatch HERE

1st. The Dixie Dinahs
2nd. The Hamilton House Appreciation Society
3rd. Colbert Newsome

Fast & FuriousWatch HERE

1st. Rosemary Mansfield & George Jackson
2nd. Louis Carruthers & Lizzy Green
3rd. Adam Harries & Rebecca Brouwers


Jedi M&MWatch HERE

1st.  Jack Humphries & Garance Zinzen
2nd. Yue Tong & Ramsey Dao
3rd. Hannah Taylor & Edele Watters

Rising Star Lindy M&MWatch HERE

1st. Chawin Tree & Lydia Teale
2nd. Marius Kausas & Alicia Johns
3rd. Pablo Gonzalez & Garance Zinzen

All Star M&MWatch HERE

1st. Nick Grant & Cathy Kennedy
2nd. George Jackson & Tine Gatchalian
3rd. Grace Sansom & Marco Mazza

Invitational M&MWatch HERE

1st. Michael Jagger & Serena Rizzo
2nd. Kibble White & Kathleen Murphy
3rd. Ben Cook & Paula Ryan

Trio ChallengeWatch HERE

Midnight in the Midlands – Trophy!

Runners up teams: Mocha-Choco-Latte-Yaya, Snap Crackle Pop

Heel Slide CompetitionWatch HERE

Pablo Gonzalez