-How do I register?
Click here or visit the registration page

-How does the booking fee work?
We have decided to split the booking fee 50:50 between us and the customer as life is fairer that way. By using Tickets Ignite as our ticketing platform, 30% of the profits from booking fees Ticket Ignite take goes into the “Ignite Fund”. Artists can apply to the Ignite Fund to get funding for their work. This means the warm fuzzy cycle of supporting the arts to fund the arts continue.

-Can I cancel / get a refund?
There is a 24 hour grace period on refunds. After that, we will only refund tickets in case of cancellation of the competition.

-Can I swap my pass or give it to someone else?
Yes, please email us at londonthrowdown@swingpatrol.co.uk

-What happens to the money I donate?
We want to support everyone who is joining the event, so you can donate to London Throwdown to make sure someone who is facing financial hardship can also join us.
We will also be donating as much as possible to our DJs and Judges to support professionals who have lost work in this hard time, as well as Collective Voices for Change.
Please add your donation at checkout if you can! Check out the “Access” tab for more information.


-How do I sign up?
Click here or visit the registration page

-How does the “All You Can Eat” pass work?
Buying an AYCE pass allows you to enter as many competitions as you want. Once you have bought the ticket online, please send an email to londonthrowdown@swingpatrol.co.uk with the list of competitions you would like to compete in.
Note: the sooner you email us with your choices, the higher the chances of having a spot in your desired competition. If you fail to email us before the 24 hour refund period, you will not be allowed a refund if some competitions you want are sold out.

-Where and when do I send my video?
You should upload your videos to youtube and email us the link by Wednesday 9th September 23:59 BST to londonthrowdown@swingpatrol.co.uk
Please make sure you:
-Set it as not “targeted for children” when you make the upload.
-Keep it as unlisted rather than private.
-Put your full name and competition in the title or description of the video.

-How do I know if I am Rising Star or All Star?
Please read our full guidelines page

-When is each competition held?
The full final schedule will be released soon. Provisional days can be found on the Ticket Ignite website, next to the individual competitions.

Screening of the event

-How will the event be broadcast?
We will be using Zoom as a platform for all competitions and socials. Full details for competitors will be released soon.