Invitational competitions

As a scene leader, we hope you can get as many people from your scene to join our festival!
If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you read information on group bookings and ticket swaps.
We have a range of competitions aimed at you and your swing family.

Note that more details on the formats can be found HERE

Invitational Pro Am Strictly

Pros will have received an email invite, stating that we’d like you to enter this competition.
The “Pro”s will be scene leaders and/or teachers from all over the UK who have been invited by the organisers.
The “Am”s will be students of yours who have been dancing for less than 2 years in any role.

Invitational Mix and Match

Just like last year, we are inviting dancers to join this category.

Visitors city battle

We are so excited to present to you the Visitors city battle! Battle format, with two scenes taking turns to dance 8×8.
Minimum 4 couples, maximum 8 couples.
You can choreograph or just throw in some jam circles: we just want to see what your scene can do!