Our DJs

about our DJS

Head dj- Sarah spoon

International DJ, teacher, podcast host and all round boss person.

Our head DJ Sarah Spoon has opinions. Brought up with eclectic tastes, their passion for music is clear; bringing energy and fun to every dance floor and Zoom gathering they play for.
Having DJed internationally for dancers pre-Covid (And continuing to do so even in lockdown but now with less travel costs), Spoon started DJing at university, and rhythm and melody has been an obsession ever since- and is someone who will bring the party!
Spoon is also the host of the new and rather good Desert Island Jams podcast, which celebrates the diverse musical tastes of the high profile music nerds in the lindy hop and blues communities. (Find it on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts now!)

To find out more about Spoon please head over to their website HERE.