Registration is now open!

Registration can be done through Ticket Ignite by following the link below


Donation system

We want to support everyone who is joining the event, so you can donate to London Throwdown to make sure someone who is facing financial hardship can also join us.

We will also be donating as much as possible to our DJs and Judges to support professionals who have lost work in this hard time, as well as Collective Voices for Change.

Please add your donation at checkout if you can! Check out the “Access” tab for more information.

If you would like to benefit from the donations and get free/discounted competitions and workshops please get in touch at

Ticket ignite fees

We have decided to split the booking fee 50:50 between us and the customer as life is fairer that way. By using Tickets Ignite as our ticketing platform, 30% of the profits from booking fees Ticket Ignite take goes into the “Ignite Fund”. Artists can apply to the Ignite Fund to get funding for their work. This means the warm fuzzy cycle of supporting the arts to fund the arts continue.