London Throwdown Schedule

This year all London Throwdown Events will take place at Limehouse Town Hall.

Please note – this schedule is subject to change, please check back here for updates!


Friday 7 September 2018

Evening Competitions


7:00-7.45pm Doors Open/Social Dancing DJ
7.45-8:30pm Social Dancing Palace Avenue Swing
8:30-9:00pm Up & Comers
Big Apple Contest
9:00-9.45pm Social Dancing Palace Avenue Swing
9:45-10:15pm Strictly Blues
Strictly Balboa
Day at the Races
10:15-10:45pm Social Dancing Palace Avenue Swing
10:45 to 11pm Prize Awards

Saturday 8 September 2018

Daytime Prelims

11:00am-12:00pm Solo Jazz
12:00-1:00pm Rising Star Strictly
1:00-2:00pm All star strictly prelims
2:00-3:00pm Invitational Strictly
3:00-4:00pm All Star Showcase

Evening Competition Finals

7:00-7.30pm Door Open & Social Dancing DJ
7.30-8:00pm Social Dancing Steve Coombe Band 
8:00-8:20pm Rising Star Strictly
All Star Strictly
Invitational Strictly
Steve Coombe Band 
8:20-8:30pm Solo Jazz DJ
8:30-8:45pm Social Dancing DJ
8:45-9:30pm Social Dancing Steve Coombe Band 
9:30-10:15pm Rising Star 60sec Show Case
All Star 60 Sec Show Case
Fast & Furious
10:15-10:45pm Social Dancing Steve Coombe Band(TBC)
10:45-11:00pm Prize Awards

SATURDAY LATE NIGHT 12-3AM at Monument Pub

Sunday 9 September 2018

Daytime Prelims

11:00am-12:00pm Jedi Mix & Match
12:00-1:00pm Rising Star Mix & Match
1:00-2:00pm All Star Mix & Match
2:00-3:00pm Blues Mix & Match
3:00-4:00pm Trio Challenge

Evening Competition Finals


6:30-7.00pm Doors Open DJ
7:00-7.30pm Jedi Mix & Match
Trio Challenge
7:30-8:15pm Social Dancing DJ
8:15-9:15pm Blues Mix & Match
Rising Star Mix & Match
All Star Mix & Match
Invitational Mix & Match
9:15-10:00pm Social Dancing DJ
10:00-10:30pm Award Ceremony &
Heel Slide Comp
10:30-11:00pm Social Dancing  DJ