OLD Become a Sponsor

We are looking for sponsors to help make our event sustainable. Could this be something for you or your business?


London Throwdown is a swing dance competition event bringing together dancers from all walks of life to showcase the energy and creativity of vintage dance forms. From Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz to Shag, Blues and Balboa, this event offers dancers of every level the chance to perform routines, bust out their own moves to live music and throw down with a partner, team or solo!

We are all about Community, Competition and Camaraderie!

Being a welcoming, inclusive community is at the heart of the swing dance scene and we hope that people of all backgrounds, ages, ability, gender, race or religion feel welcome to participate. There are competitions for all levels and the parties are welcome to everyone – competitors, social dancers and spectators and supporters!

Competition is what drives this event. With competition we can push the art form, grow new ideas and inspire each other. We hope that through this event we can offer dancers a focus to challenge themselves with and a platform to share their art. While some competitions are more traditional, we also have a few fun and wacky competitions which we feel is in line with the spirit of the dance and is a great way to lift up all styles and levels of dancer.

Although this is a competitions event we strongly believe in the power of camaraderie! Looking out for each other and supporting one another is vital, whether old friends or new acquaintances. From organiser to attendee to volunteer, we support each other to put the power of people together and make an event that is fun for all. It’s this sense of camaraderie that brings us all together, cheering each other on and lifting each other up to help each person achieve their best in whatever they do.


We would like to invite you or your business to support any one of the competition divisions! By sponsoring a competition your contribution will be put towards the running of the event and the prizes for your competition.

In exchange you would get a heap of social media mentions and be added to our Sponsors page and newsletters. As a sponsor you will receive an allocation of free tickets to the event, and you get to hand out the awards to the winners and runners up of your competition!

Sponsorship Rates

One Competition – £250
Two Competitions – £450
Four Competitions – £800

Email us at londonthrowdown@swingpatrol.co.uk for more information

Thank you to our current sponsors:

Tokyo Diner: Solo Jazz & Charleston Competition

Eric Sun from Facebook London: The Eric Sun Rising Stars 60 Second Showcase