Saturday 1pm-2pm: Cat Foley Improver/Intermediate Solo Jazz
Saturday 2pm-3pm: Cat Foley Intermediate/Advanced Solo Jazz

Sunday 1pm-2pm: Marie N’diaye Improver/Intermediate Solo Jazz
Sunday 2pm-3pm: Marie N’diaye Intermediate/Advanced Solo Jazz

Saturday 4.30pm-6pm: DJ workshop run by Sarah Spoon


We have a sliding scale system! The more workshops you buy, the cheaper it becomes!

Solo Jazz
£12.50 – one workshop
£22.50 – two workshops
£30 – three workshops
£35 – four workshops

DJ Workshop
£12.50 – one workshop / £10.00 if you sign up to any Solo Jazz workshop

About the workshops

DJ workshop

Do you love your music? Have you ever dreamed about DJing for dancers- and what it takes? Join Head DJ Sarah for this short workshop, learn how to DJ online and in person, and where you get an opportunity to DJ for London Throwdown afterwards!!
Ideal for those thinking about DJing, brand new DJs, and freshly-started DJs, this workshop will answer a lot of your questions.
– What’s good gig etiquette?
– How do I choose my songs?
– Where do I get music from?
– When is it a good time to play a slower or faster song?
– Whose music should I be playing?

….. And a huge bunch of other things besides! You’ll cover DJing in Zoom, music tagging, pre cueing, navigating mixers, tech kit for when you’re at an in-person gig, and more.

Kick start your DJ journey with confidence 🙂


We have FOUR solo jazz workshops available by two incredible teachers: Marie N’diaye and Cat Foley! Find below the titles of their workshops.


Improver/Intermediate workshop: Simple and satisfying rhythms
Intermediate/Advanced workshop: Using your whole body to dance with rhythm


Improver/Intermediate workshop: Why we do, what we do? It’s all about the music!
Intermediate/Advanced workshop: Rhythms, rhythms, and more rhythms!

Our instructors


Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dancer, teacher and performer based in the United Kingdom.

Cat discovered the joys of African American Vernacular Jazz soon after starting swing dancing and she hasn’t looked back since! Her earliest jazz tutelage came from UK dancers such as Angela Andrew and Trisha Sewell, who have made a huge impact on her work (and are still teaching- look them up!) She is an internationally recognised jazz instructor. Her classes combine a love of the history of the dance with a strong focus on technique, creativity and improvisation.

Cat believes solo isn’t just for routines – it’s for life!

For more Cat awesomeness, check out her personal website HERE.

Picture by Milda takes pictures


dancing almost as long as she has been walking, She fell in love with Lindy Hop and other African American Vernacular Jazz dances in 2006.

A true scientist (She obtained her PhD in Neuroimmunology from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden in 2018), Marie loves history and facts. She has been applying her scientific method and dance education to conduct an embodied practice-based research of Jazz dance through the study of  original video clips and collaborations with many established dancers. She has also researched the cultural and social context of the Jazz dance era through literature study and interviews of artists. Her main focus is on the African American Jazz Women and Chorines (chorus girls) of the time. 

Currently, she is also leading a new initiative, Collective Voices for Change, along with other dancers and scholars in order to create a platform to address social issues in the Jazz dance community. The current focus of the initiative is to discuss the issues of cultural appropriation and racial injustice.

For more from Dr. Marie please check out her website HERE.

Sarah spoon

International DJ, teacher, podcast host and all round boss person.

Our head DJ Sarah Spoon has opinions. Brought up with eclectic tastes, their passion for music is clear; bringing energy and fun to every dance floor and Zoom gathering they play for.
Having DJed internationally for dancers pre-Covid (And continuing to do so even in lockdown but now with less travel costs), Spoon started DJing at university, and rhythm and melody has been an obsession ever since- and is someone who will bring the party!
Spoon is also the host of the new and rather good Desert Island Jams podcast, which celebrates the diverse musical tastes of the high profile music nerds in the lindy hop and blues communities. (Find it on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts now!)

To find out more about Spoon please head over to their website HERE.